October 25, 2019

Weekend long read suggestions 2019/43


  • How to build a machine learning project in Elixir

    Grigory and Oleg shows you can use TensorFlow based model within your Elixir application. They are not trying to recreate everything in Elixir. Rather to use existing tools, so training is done in Python (as you would expect). Interaction with model is achieved via Tensorflex which provides bindings over TensorFlow C library. Article also shows use of NIF for computation heavy (image resizing in this case).

  • Dave Lucia on Rustler – Elixir Internals

    Speaking of NIFs – very nice episode of Elixir Internals podcast with Dave Lucia of SimpleBet. They have quite nice ecosystem of Elixir offloading some of the heavy computing to Rust based NIFs via Rustler.

  • The Virtue of Busy Waiting

    Article arguing that you should never use Process.sleep/1 (or :timer.sleep/1) in your tests.


  • How to not RiiR

    An excellent write up on how to wrap existing C library with Rust to avoid unnecessary rewrites. While still getting a lot of Rust benefits. BTW if you need to do something similar with Python, you should check Building a Python C Extension Module.

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