February 28, 2020

Weekend long read suggestions 2020/09

  • Applied thinking for intelligence analysis

    Guide from Australian Air Force. The key message is not surprising – time pressure is bad for decision making. It increases changes of making mistakes, ignoring analyst’s bias or even lead to seizure of pieces of important information to confirm the biasses / expected results.

  • A Standard and Clean Series A Term Sheet

    YC take on how “good” Series A Term Sheet should look like.

Software Development


Data and Data Infrastructure

  • LinkedIn’s DataHub

    LinkedIn decided to open-source their tool DataHub, metadata search and discovery platform for wast amounts of different datasets available within the organization.

  • pg_flame

    A flamegraph generator for Postgres EXPLAIN ANALYZE output.

  • wal2json

    JSON output plugin for changeset extraction.

  • AI_Curriculum

    Open Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning lectures from top Universities like Stanford University, MIT, UC Berkeley. Currently covering the following topics:

    • Introduction to Deep Learning
    • CNNs for Visual Recognition
    • NLP with Deep Learning
    • Deep Reinforcement Learning