Antonín Král — Geek, maker and investor.

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  • Worked at CERN, Brookhaven Nation Laboratory (BNL), RIKEN and received Ph.D. in applied mathematics.
  • Co-founded Recombee -- Recommendation as a service startup.
  • Built Showmax, scaled the Engineering from 0 to 150 people. Navigated Showmax through IPO (un-bundling) process. This resulted in Showmax being part of newly created MultiChoice Group (MCG) listing on Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
  • Founded nibbler.AI -- Machine Learning and Computer Vision startup.
  • Working at IP Fabric, helping with scaling the network assurance company.
  • Built MoistureGuard -- the new IoT platform for monitoring behavior of the wooden buildings.
  • Helped at MayaData to restructure Engineering team. MayaData is one of the prominent CNCF open-source companies.
  • Built nangu.TV -- IPTV white-label system for Telcos.


  • Deník Jana Münze
    Unikátní pohled do života prvorepublikového chlapce z Příbrami. Jan neměl šanci jej dokončit.

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